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Eid-el-Fitri: MULAN President’s Message to the Muslims to Imbibe the Virtues of Ramadan now and beyond

Date: 1st Shawwal, 1443 AH (2nd May, 2022)

The National President, Prof. Abdulqadir Ibrahim Abikan, on behalf of Muslim Lawyers’ Association of Nigeria (MULAN), felicitates and rejoices with all the Muslims on the occasion of this year’s Eid-el-fitr. The president noted that the Ramadan fast immediately preceding the Eid celebration has taught us Muslims the virtues of endurance and perseverance in the course of Allah and the importance of empathy and compassion to our fellow human beings in our daily activities. No doubt, the one month fasting offered us immense opportunities, as Muslims, to revive and strengthen our relationship with Allah, our ties with our kinsmen and our bond of brotherhood to one another.

The president believes that our incessant devotion to worship in the month of Ramadan is an enduring testimony that with patience and perseverance, we are capable, if Allah wishes, of attaining victory in our endeavours. The president enjoins the Muslims to continue to imbibe the virtues of Ramadan such as; love, peace, tolerance, generosity, patience, devotion, sincerity of actions and above all, taqwa- God’s consciousness, piety, fear of God- which is ultimately the goal of Ramadan.

The president urges all Muslims to remember Nigeria in prayers for Allah to assist us as a nation to overcome our numerous challenges. It’s the president’s hope that Muslims will be at the forefront of efforts at nation building, doing their best to contribute positively to the growth and development of the country. He pray Allah for peace and tranquility in the country and urge Muslim ummah to join in also praying Allah to restore peace and security in our land.

Finally, on behalf of MULAN, the National president wishes all MULAN members and the entire Muslim ummah a joyful celebration.


Adam Olori-Aje, Esq.
(Secretary General )