MULAN Membership

MULAN, the association comprises of upright and outstanding individuals in the law ecosystem who possess the zeal and willingness to uphold justice.

Membership Eligibility

Becoming a member is quite easy, prospectives only need to be:

  • Called to Bar
  • and also be a Muslim
Code of Conduct

Adherence to Islamic principles, ethics and Consciousness while upholding the Code of conduct for Legal Practitioners.

Responsibilities As A Member

Bonafide members of the association have the following dignified responsibilities

  • To offer free legal services for the attainment of social justice in the nation and for the promotion of the cause of Islam.
  • To promote the study, understanding and practice of Sharia among the Muslim Ummah at all levels.
  • To confer, consult and cooperate with sister bodies, or associations having similar objectives with the body.
  • To engage in charitable activities to all that deserve without discrimination.

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